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Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid A.R. Grade

Approx. Rs 70 / Kg

  • Purity/Concentration: 72%
  • Grade: Analytical Grade
  • CAS Number: 7697-37-2
  • Form: Liquid
  • Brand: Surya Fine Chem
  • Usage/Application: Fertilizer Industry
  • Chemical Formula: HNO3
  • Chloride (CI) Content: 0.00005%
  • Molecular Weight: 63.01 g/mol

Nitric Acid is formulated with about 60% to 72% of pure Nitric Acid and serves as clear & colorless liquid that is used for formulating fertilizers, mine leaching, making explosives as well as in stainless steel pickling processes. We also ensure these chemicals feature accurate composition as well as high constitution purity.

  • Also known as Nitrous fumes, Aqua fortis, Azotic acid, Salpetersaeure, Nital, Nitryl hydroxide, Acidum nitricum, Hydrogen nitrate, Engraver''s acid
  • Comes with Molecular formula of HNO3 and with percentage composition of 60 to 72%
  • With molecular weight of 63.01284, it is available in form of colorless liquid used in production of inorganic & organic nitrates
  • Can also be offered in form of white, monoclinic crystals

  • Used for formulation of different varieties of fertilizers, mine leaching, explosives and stainless steel pickling applications
  • Used for production of inorganic & organic nitrates
  • Also used for production of dye intermediates, nitro compounds for fertilizers other organic chemicals

Nitric Acid A.R. Grade is also known as spirit of nitre & aqua fortis and made available in grade of 72 percent. Available in its purest form, it is a colorless liquid and have molecular formula of HNO3. The chemical mainly finds application in preparing ammonium nitrate used in agricultural industry for fertilizer production.


  • As analytical reagent grade chemicals, these are developed using nitrogen anion & oxygen cation that makes these suitable for use in research laboratories
  • AR grade offered contain maximum nitric acid
  • Available in maximum chloride (CI) of 0.00005% and sulphate (SO4) of 0.0001%

  • Used for preparation of Ammonium Nitrate that finds use in agricultural industry for production of fertilizers
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